AIRsteril are proud to say that we have been supplying protection to the NHS Ambulance service since 2015 as well as multiple Ambulance services around the world. For that reason, we are often asked why our Medical/Ambulance Vehicle units are not featured on our website.

Obviously, we are keen to promote everything we do and are extremely proud of the fantastic results our customers have seen in terms of reduced micro-organism levels which is in one of the most complicated areas we operate in.

The vast majority of our products are fairly straight forward in terms of installation and operation requiring an electrical connection and correct positioning. The vehicle unit (Custom Vehicle Range/12V//24v – AIRsteril) requires specialist installation by an Auto Electrician as there are 12 and 24V options, we also recommend the use of a Battery Guard to allow the unit to operate when the engine is not running, but prevent battery drain.

The Medical vehicle unit adds many layers of difficulty due to the multiple designs of Ambulances operating throughout the world and of course a wide range of essential equipment that already operates within them from Defibrillators to Tail Lifts. A number of vehicles already feature built in Battery Guards, some have multiple batteries, others are plugged into an external power source when not in use. Expertise is essential which is why we treat these products and their installations separately to all others, therefore avoiding a potential detrimental effect to any lifesaving equipment on board.

Over the years we have been aware of a wide array of coach builders and auto electricians who work with Medical Vehicles, and some are very capable but unfortunately some less so. When products have been retro fitted (installed in ambulances already in use) they require the greatest level of skill and care whilst working within NHS guidelines. Please get in contact for further details.