Waste Management

Fortress Air Odour & Bacteria Control solutions for FOGO, Recycling, Waste Management plants and Transfer Stations

Fortress Air is the solution
• Up to 80% saving*
• Up to 80% reduction in odour**
• Eliminates odours at source (not masking)
• Eliminate genuine resident complaints
• Guaranteed odour control
• Certified effective against Bacteria & Viruses
• Improve air quality

*Compared to other Odour control systems
**Odournet show an average of 78% odour reduction in main containment building

Ground breaking technology

Unique combination of Hydroxyl Radicals and Superoxide Ions that will:

• Kill bacteria, viruses and mould;
• Breakdown Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and odour

Cost effective odour management solutions for processing waste

AIRSteril by Fortress Air offers a proven unparalleled odour and microbial control technology to the waste management sector, as well as various other high odour industries. Offering a modern solution for odour control in Materials Recycling Facilities, Anaerobic Digesters, Waste Transfer Stations, and many more…

Initially designed as a medical product, the technology has been adapted to provide efficient odour control in the toughest environments, whilst still reducing the risks from bioaerosols and surface bacteria 24/7. AIRSteril by Fortress Air offers the latest technology to eliminate odours and improve the quality of air. Odour issues have been successfully eradicated on all sites where AIRSteril has been installed, from the largest waste transfer stations (over 10,000m2) down to individual anaerobic digesters.

Fragrances only mask odours, they DO NOT kill odours or their source. Most odours from waste are created by bacteria and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Existing odour control systems are expensive to install and maintain, and fogging offers a temporary solution at best.

AIRSteril by Fortress Air eliminates odours at the source by killing odour-causing bacteria and removing odour causing VOCs.

With AIRSteril by Fortress Air not only will you eradicate odours, you will cut operating costs and keep your neighbours happy.

Our AIRSteril solution has resolved many issues with odour complaints and prevented customers being exposed to the risk of fines. Customer feedback has shown in many cases that neighbours actually found masking fragrances more of an issue than the original odour which is why we are now getting increased demand to install complete systems at the front end.

AIRSteril by Fortress Air not only eliminates odours but has a significant impact on bacteria, viruses, mould and bioaerosols. This means a positive change to public perception as well as improved, healthier working environment for all.

Independently Tested

Our technology has been proven to reduce both odours and the bacteria which cause them. Testing performed by:

– SGS Laboratories
– The Health Protection Agency (now part of Public Health England)

Average of 78% odour reduction inside containment building Over 98% reduction in specific airborne bacteria

Over 99% reduction in total bacteria count

With Airsteril by Fortress Air not only will you eradicate odours, you will cut operating costs and keep your neighbours happy

The most efficient and cost-effective way to help you achieve superior standards in odour control

Mega Thermal Range

Eliminates unpleasant odours both in the air and on all exposed surfaces. Suitable for all enclosed spaces with no need for chemicals, minimal maintenance and low power consumption, using only 42watts providing a true green solution.

Allows the control of Bacteria and VOCs more efficiently than ever before. The custom designed Thermal convection system ensures that contaminated air processed through the unit achieves optimum dwell time in the purifying chamber.

As the processed air leaves the unit then in itself it becomes an efficient cleaning agent targeting pathogens in the air and on surfaces.

Ultimate Range
Water resistance, fan driven, stainless steel casing; suitable for the toughest environments

Our newest product range, IP65 water resistance and originally developed for the food industry the Ultimate has the flexibility to cope with strong persistent odours even in areas prone to higher moisture levels, where airflow is inconsistent or space is limited.

can be customized to cover a variety of area sizes and odour challenges.

Bioaerosol Solution
HSE funded research has shown dangers to workers in waste processing and composting. As well as creating offensive odours airborne pathogens promote infections which can lead to poor working environments, illness and absenteeism.

Aspergillus fumigatus is a common concern, Norovirus, Influenza, Hepatitis, Salmonella, Gastroenteritis and E Coli are all spread easily. While using fogging systems to control waste odours can actually give rise to Legionnaires Disease.

Our technology works to eliminate Bioaerosols 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, offering complete odour control and a healthier environment


Viridor UK – https://www.viridor.co.uk/

Viridor UK provides recycling and recovery services to residential and commercial customers. They offer a wide range of recycling treatment technologies to include advanced and standard materials recycling facilities, mechanical biological treatments plants, composting, and household waste recycling centres.

Using waste collected they are then able to transform as much material as they can into high quality recyclates for re-manufacturing, they then recover energy from the non-recyclable, residual wastes using anaerobic digestion, gas extraction and thermal technologies to offset fossil fuel-based generation.

We are always looking at ways to minimise odour at our operational facilities wherever we can, so decided to trial a new technology. The trial at one of our West Sussex sites was a success and we have since purchased the equipment and installed it at another facility. The system has helped us reduce the number of odour complaints and has paid for itself within ” six months. In one site in 12 months we saved £6000 in aroma chemical costs.
Dave King, Area Manager for Viridor in West Sussex

Powerday – https://powerday.co.uk/

Powerday is one of the largest recycling plants in the UK. The site in north west London is fairly close to a residential neighbourhood whose residents expect Powerday to manage its operations to avoiding any undue impact on their amenity.
Powerday’s proactive approach means they work closely with the Environment Agency, constantly reviewing the effectiveness of the Odour Management Plan and control procedures.

In our 5000 sq.m facility at Willesden we have recently installed 50 MT1500 odour control units. As a ‘retro fit’ they were relatively easy to install and involved very little disruption to our operations.
Within a few days of completion there was a noticeable change in the odour levels in the building. So, well done – we are now planning to install the systems in our other waste recycling plants.
Mark Bensted, Managing Director, Powerday plc

Langage AD 


Langage Farm AD is not your typical waste station. It is a part of an award winning closed-loop system consisting of Langage AD, Langage Farm, and Langage Dairy products. It was designed and built with animal welfare and intentional soil management at is heart. The farm grows lush grass to feeds its jersey herd, it then produces the rich jersey milk which is turned into many of their award winning diary products. Waste from both the product outlets and the dairy produce factory are brought back to the AD plant to produce power, heat, and fertilisers. Being located just outside the city of Plymouth odour management is key to their operation and ensuring they do not receive complaints from employees and the general public.

“Since the installation of [AIRSteril by] DAX Systems we have not had a complaint. DAX systems now treats our 3000 m3 processing hall and also keep our office areas smelling presentable. Well done for the system, we thought nothing would do it.”
John Deane, Environmantal Resource Manager, Language AD (UK) LLP

A few of other clients that have implemented the FortressAir AirSteril solution


Mega Thermal Range
Ultimate Range


Brussels EXPO, AIRsteril products were supplied throughout this busy exhibition centre enabling the centre to offer the best possible protection to visitors meaning it was used to host exams as well as a vaccination centre, further information can be found here.”

COP26 – UN Climate change conference was probably the largest event held in the UK over the pandemic period, thanks to AIRsteril technology in combination with all sensible measures there was no feared spike in virus cases as a result, further information can be found here.”