Our Greek partners “Crystal Clear Hellas” have recently carried out some very exciting work to demonstrate how well AIRsteril technology performs in a cold room environment.

Two Butcher shops were selected by the Butchery Association with similarly sized cold rooms, total microbial load was then measured in both before and after AIRsteril installation by Aliment laboratory (accredited Microbiological and Chemical Laboratory of Food & Water).

Before units installation both cold stores showed an anticipated background level of microorganisms of >300 cfu/100m2.

After unit installation, total microbial load in both cold stores dropped dramatically averaging 14cfu/100m2, following an adjustment to the product lamp these levels fell to <1 cfu/100m2. This once again demonstrates that AIRsteril products offer a simple and economical solution to reduce or even virtually eliminate airborne microorganisms.

AIRsteril has long been utilized by those in the food processing industry with our Ultimate range supplied throughout some of the largest meat processing plants in Europe. Our Washroom products are regularly supplied for toilet/shower areas, and the Multiflex range installed in changing rooms and especially the transitional areas in food environments where shoe/wellington boots are stored.

We have had many impressive test results over the years, including proof AIRsteril technology can eliminates Listeria from a cold store and demonstrating constantly reduced bacterial contamination both on meat carcasses and throughout the environment during large scale processing, however we have not previously carried out testing in a smaller scale butchery environment so this is excellent to add to our ever expanding portfolio.