AIRSteril’s technology has now been recruited in a bid to overcome the COVID-19 crisis in the events sector. Brussels EXPO have installed our air purification units over a huge floor space of 120,000 m2 in a bid to get the venue up and exhibiting again.

With units installed throughout the main exhibition halls, conference areas, offices, corridors and restrooms combined with all other recommended practices in place the EXPO is leading the way in providing complete cover in the fight against the Coronavirus, ensuring the safest possible environments for customers, exhibitors, visitors, suppliers and staff. AIRsteril technology is operating around the clock to reduce contamination from bacteria, viruses and other harmful microorganisms, in addition to face masks, sanitisers, social distancing, the organisation of one-way flow of traffic etc, they are leading the way in allowing reactivation of operations in the events sector. Following on from these measures the exhibition centre has recently been used as a location for students to sit examinations under “optimal sanitary conditions”.

Although buildings of this type bring some unique challenges, the concerns here are the same as in all multiple user venues and businesses where the key drive is to create “safe space” for all. AIRsteril’s proven infection and odour control systems offer continual disinfection in a wide variety of places including hospitals, offices, care homes, gyms, hotels and retail.