Operating for over 35 years as the largest dedicated conference and exhibition space in central London, and located opposite Westminster Abbey, the QEII Centre is a world renowned location for high-profile conferences, conventions, exhibitions and corporate events, hosting over 400 national and international events each year.

Social distancing, mask wearing, enhanced cleaning, temperature monitoring, proof of negative covid tests or vaccinations are all important steps to reduce risk of infections spreading, but none of these can specifically target virus or bacterial contamination present in the air which is why this remained an area of concern. After considering several alternative products on the market, AIRsteril was selected for a variety of reasons:

• Independent laboratory testing from multiple laboratories including large room testing.

• Tried and tested technology; products supplied to the NHS since 2014, installed throughout the Brussels EXPO Exhibition centre as well as many other relevant sites.

• Wide product range; solutions for all areas.

• Proven 99.99% reduction in airborne germs (virus and bacteria).

• Products operate 24/7 for continuous protection.

• Quiet or silent running units available.

Since the start of the pandemic the QEII Centre has not only followed all of the latest government guidance in place at the time, but also gone far beyond those requirements in many cases with additional robust measures to ensure the safety of clients, delegates and staff to ensure they remain a covid-secure venue. They continue to implement the Covid-secure measures on site that adhere to the AEV All Secure Framework (which is approved by the UK Government), as well as receiving the mia AIM Secure and Visit Britain We’re Good to Go accreditations.

Following several meetings and detailed surveys, key locations for unit installation were identified throughout the centre, the main focus being to ensure the best possible additional protection for all individuals. AIRsteril units were then installed throughout the centre and a follow up inspection carried out to confirm all units were working as anticipated.

The QEII Centre has joined many other prestigious sites worldwide by installing AIRsteril products throughout their venue, including the COP26 Climate Change Summit in Glasgow.