Strict control of the concentrations of airborne microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi) is required in any hospital environment, most importantly in the communal areas and where higher risk individuals are present. The Cancer Hospital of Thessaloniki THEAGENIO, is one of the four anti-cancer hospitals in Greece and reportedly covers the medical needs of about 2/3 of the county’s population.

From the first month of taking office, the commander of Theagenio Hospital, Dr. Evangelia Kourtelisetas identified the importance of increased measure to reduce nosocomial infections (hospital acquired), in accordance with the priorities and directions of the Ministry of Health.

Our Greek partners, “Crystal Clear Hellas” began the “Theagenio Project” with clear identified targets:

– The control of the microbial load of the air
– The drastic reduction of the risks of infection and transmission of nosocomial infections
– Air purification in all areas of the hospital

The pilot project ran from January to March 2020 when AIRsteril products were installed in various areas including the Postoperative Monitoring Units of the Thoracic Surgery Clinic and waiting areas of the Outpatient Clinics of the Hospital.

Following successful results and feedback, further AIRsteril units were then installed in the Chemotherapy waiting room, the ICU, pulmonary clinic operating rooms and public elevators.

10 months after the installation, the transmissibility of SARS-CoV-2 in the busy areas of the outpatient clinics has been zero in the staff, with similar statistics collected from other areas of the Hospital.

Additional benefits as detailed:
– Air quality has improved tremendously
– Unpleasant odours have been eliminated
– Medical and nursing staff feels safe and aware with air purification in place