Maintaining a healthy and productive workforce is a key element within every business, during recent times this has become more challenging than ever before, with hand sanitising, mask wearing and social distancing all becoming commonplace. Improving fresh airflow can be impossible in some areas, and obviously this will increase heating costs. Confined spaces with recirculated air can quickly become breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria leading to increased sickness and absenteeism.

With the easing of “Plan B” in England, and relaxation of measures elsewhere, millions of people are now being urged to return to offices as advice to work from home is lifted. Unfortunately, it’s now accepted that Coronavirus, alongside the more traditional flu and cold’s will be present ongoing, which is why many companies are looking to futureproof themselves against the risk.

Every day, more businesses are taking the step to install AIRsteril products as part of their drive to encourage the return of staff and get back to a fully productive workplace. We’ve seen record sales of our Multiflex range products in January which are the primary choice for open plan offices, even outselling our ever popular Washroom range . Washrooms remain a key area to consider, as even when there are no odours present in a facility it remains a high contamination area used by multiple individuals so we’d always recommend adding a specialist AIRsteril unit for this area.