Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Range


Microorganisms are a constant presence in indoor air and can remain suspended for long periods, posing a risk to unsuspecting individuals who may inhale them. Airborne viruses, in particular, are easily transported by air movement from heating systems or air circulation, potentially spreading contamination and health risks.

Fortunately, direct UV-C and Germicidal irradiation has been proven to be an effective way to eliminate harmful pathogens by damaging their genetic material, thus killing them. However, direct exposure to UV light is hazardous to people, necessitating either enclosed technology that requires air to pass through a sealed unit or operation in unoccupied areas only, which may not address the issue of person-to-person transmission of germs in occupied areas.

The UVGI Upper Room unit is specifically designed to enable direct Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation of viruses and bacteria in the air without any risk to individuals in the area. Mounted high on the wall, the unit targets airborne contamination across a wide area while preventing direct exposure to people. By utilizing the thermal convection of air circulation, warm air rises while cooling air from the ceiling falls, and the unit continuously reduces all airborne germs. Testing has shown that the unit achieves over 99% reduction in bacteria levels, making it a highly effective solution for maintaining clean and healthy indoor air.


460mm (l) x 186mm (w) x 186mm (d) – UVGI

220 – 240V 24 watts (via 13A wall plug or switched fused spur) – UVGI


Wall mounted at least 2.2m above floor level


Anodised aluminium extrusion


5.0kg – UVGI


Continuous indicated by blue lamp. Requires annual lamp change.