Smelly bins and waste stores have been a hot topic for many of our customers over the last few months with the warmer weather magnifying the associated unpleasant odours. We have long supplied a range of products to clear these waste odours, from an individual bin, communal bin store, waste compactor or large scale waste processing, all solutions share the same technology which is adjusted to resolve the specific challenges in place, but the vast range of environments can easily appear a little daunting at times.

For most standard business operations a single unit will usually be sufficient to reduce or eliminate waste odours; whether an Air Silent in a Kitchen area, Washroom Complete/Multiflex unit for a small bin store or an MP100/MT75 in a larger communal bin store or above a waste compactor. We regularly supply 50+ of our larger Thermal units to waste processing sites (where household waste is sorted and recycled) and to our knowledge remain the only product willing to guarantee the elimination of any genuine complaints in this scenario*. Odours from industrial waste processing have been a particular issue over the last few years, due to the building of new homes closer to these sites than ever before.

Our technology destroys odour causing bacteria, breaks down VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and banishes unpleasant smells to create a fresh “clean” environment, but the task is made much harder if a site is poorly maintained or rotting material is exposed.

For example, alongside installing an AIRsteril unit in a bin store, following the below steps can easily be the difference between a single unit maintaining an odour controlled pleasant environment and multiple units being required:

• Keep waste as airtight as possible:
     o Bags tied/sealed.
     o Bins closed.
• Clean bins, remove rotting material stuck to sides or base.
• Washing of floor/surfaces, to remove compacted food matter.

Aside from the very obvious odour control our products provide, we are also constantly improving the air with testing in a waste sorting environment demonstrating up to a 97% reduction in measured microorganisms (cfu/m3).

*Terms and conditions apply.

Residential Refuse Area Demonstration MP100 - Odour gone in under 24 hours- Residents Pleased

Residential refuse area with internal waste shoot, the air conditioner unit just couldn’t handle the task of reducing the odour. We demonstrated an MP100 unit for 24 hours and the odour significantly reduced to near nothing. Lets just say the residents are very pleased.